Cash on Delivery – Another successful production put to bed!

Thanks to all the cast, crew, front of house and you the audience for making our last production a roaring success.

This was a fantastic play that had the audience in stitches every night. I have never heard quite so much laughter in all the right places from our audience. It really was heart warming to see community theatre receive such support. We always love doing farce and this one ranks right up there with the best.

Now onwards and upwards, trying to keep up this quality is no mean feat but we are upto the task. We have plans to go back in time to revive a style of theatre we last dallied with in 2003. The dates for your diary are Wednesday 8th to Saturday 11th April 2015. A little later than usual and smack bang in Easter holidays which might give some of you a hint as to what we can get upto when the school is closed for the holidays.

More news soon…


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