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We put Lucky Sods to bed


Aaaand roll it up… The final part of the set is rolled up and stored away, the audiences have been and gone, thorougly entertained. The actors get to rest and forget the lines, for a few weeks at least!

Thanks to all who came to see us over the four performances, your support is appreciated as ever…

And now we sit back and consider our next production. We have something new and different up our sleeve but stay tuned and keep a date free for either Wednesday 2nd, Thursday 3rd, Friday 4th or Saturday 5th April 2014.


Lucky Sods – A fantastic first night

Last night we put on our first performance of Lucky Sods for a paying audience. A good sized crowd were entertained by a great play, production and performances. There was laughter and poignancy at just the right moments…

Well done and thanks to the cast, crew and front of house for a slick first night all round. Just 3 more to go… If you want to come along and see what the fuss is about then tickets are still available at

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Lucky Sods – Dress Rehearsal Today!

Busy and exhausting day today. Final touches are applied to the set. Then a long technical with lots of set changes and challenges. And then finally a full first dress rehearsal. Well done all on a long but productive day!

Here are a couple more cryptic pictures of various fragments of the set … Want to see a fantastic production full of laughs? Then book your tickets now… Wed 20th to Sat 23rd November…

IMG_2041 IMG_2045 IMG_2047