Curtain up on Murder and curtain down on another season – Thankyou!

Our successful run of Curtain up on Murder at Theatre on the Steps has drawn to a close, it always goes by so fast!

We had three fantastic audiences who enjoyed three great performances. Every night I could hear mutterings between audience members as they tried (and failed, sorry about that!) to work out “whodunnit”. It was tremendously fun and so satisfying to see we got the tone just right. The friday and saturday night audiences were particularly cramped as we had done very well on tickets sales so apologies if it was a little warm in the theatre, it is a good problem for us to have though!

So a massive thankyou to you, our audience, for supporting us for this play, and indeed all three of our productions this “season”. We have tried to do something a little different over this season with a mix of “one act” pieces, thoughtful comedy/drama and our murder mystery production.

So another year of strong audience numbers, a happy cohesive team and good varied productions… which have all done very well… long may it continue…

Onwards and upwards, as ever we have even bigger plans next season so keep your eyes peeled for news on our Autumn production and readings for all the various options, it is the ideal time to join us as we decide on our coming season!


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