Natural Causes 2015

Celia is tired of life and wants to end it all with her husband. Vincent is a professional suicide merchant, but who contacted him and who is his client? Will anyone actually drink the potion or will the rubber plant be the only fatality? This is black comedy at its blackest and best.

After great success with our fast and furious farce in November and our more reflective comedy in April we finished off the 2014/2015 season with an hilarious black comedy at Theatre on the Steps in Bridgnorth.

Some may remember (or see on the past productions list) that we performed Natural Causes in Albrighton in 2005. The reason for us “repeating ourselves” is quite simple. Due to unforeseen circumstances we had to change play (we were due to put on Alphabetical Order by Michael Frayn) and we decided to go for something successful and familiar that the audience in Bridgnorth had not already seen. It got a fantastic reception and so we vowed to look to our back catalogue again in future to bring some classics to a new audience in a different venue!

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