Life Of Riley

Friends and family gather to remember the unseen and dying George Riley’s life. As they look back on lives lived or might have lived, George plots a final farewell which threatens to upset all their future lives.

After the roaring success with the frenetic farce, Cash on Delivery we continued our season with a more intimate introspective comedy, Life of Riley by Alan Ayckbourn. This is a fantastic play from one of our most prolific and successful playwrights. It is a comedy full of dark humour with a hint of slapstick and melancholy.

Given the intimate nature of the play and its need to be “up close and personal” with the characters we put this play on “in the round” for only the second time in our history. For the uninitiated this means the stage and set were in the middle of the hall and the audience surrounded the production on all four sides. Audience feedback was superb!

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