Acts of Deceit

Actually not a play but a name we gave to an evening of three one act plays. The thought was to do something a little different, use multiple directors and as many actors as we could. Also there would be something for everyone…

Interior Designs by Jimmie Chinn is a lovely cheeky play about three women’s relationship with their “odd job man”. This cheeky chap manages to worm his way into all three of their lives to varying degrees, have his fun and then move on to his next job… A funny play full of pathos. We took this play tot he Shropshire Drama Festival where Angela Moore, Julie Maddox and Jill Benson were all nominated for best performance. And to top it off Angela came home with the award!

Cupboard Love by Jean McConnell is from the suite of female only plays, Deckchairs 2. Two “fitness fanatics” meet up to swap notes on recipes and “Gentleman friends”, they discover they have alot more in common than they first thought.

Gowsforth’s Fete by Alan Ayckbourn needs no introduction, in fact some rumblings were heard along the lines of “oh not that old thing!”. However there is a reason it is performed so often, it is a perfect slice of farce in 25 minutes, a bonsai farce you might say

The whole night was a roaring success with good audiences and satisfying feedback for all three mini-treats.

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