Our next production(s)

Thank you all for your support for our last production,Natural Causes by Eric Chappell. The audiences were numerous and appreciative, a good night was had by all!

Not being a group who rests on our laurels we are now gearing up ready for our next season. We are, for the first time, trying to plan our whole season right now.

So we can tentatively announce that our programme for the season is as follows

25th-28th November 2015 – Tons of Money by Will Evans and Valentine, revised by Alan Ayckbourn

24th-27th February 2016 – A collection of short plays , details to follow

2nd-4th June 2016 – Chorus of Disapproval by Alan Ayckbourn at Theatre on the Steps in Bridgnorth

So another fantastically funny farce for Autumn. We are then putting on an evening of 3-4 shorter pieces as you, the audience, enjoyed our last evening of varied pieces so much. And we finish with a flourish by performing Chorus of Disapproval. This funny, touching and musical comedy is a classic and after performing it in Albrighton 11 years ago we are looking forward to bringing it to a new audience in Bridgnorth.

I hope you agree that this is a fun packed programme for next season, tickets will be on sale for all productions as soon as we possibly can.

We look forward to seeing you in 2015/16

Our Next Production – Natural Causes

Natural Causes720

After great success with our fast and furious farce in November and our more reflective comedy in April it is time for an hilarious black comedy for our 3rd and final production of 2014/15 season.

Natural Causes by Eric Chappell is a superb comedy. We are performing Natural Causes at Theatre on the Steps in Bridgnorth on Thurs 4th, Friday 5th and Saturday 6th June 2015. Tickets cost £9 for adults and £7 for concessions. Doors open at 7 and curtain up is at 8pm. You can buy tickets at www.theatreonthesteps.co.uk or on 01746 766477.

Here is a little synopsis to whet your appetite!

Celia is tired of life and wants to end it all with her husband. Vincent is a professional suicide merchant, but who contacted him and who is his client? Will anyone actually drink the potion or will the rubber plant be the only fatality? This is black comedy at its blackest and best.

Life of Riley

We are all of us gathered here today, to say our final farewell to George Riley…

We had 4 fantastic audiences over 4 nights of fun, laughter and tears (and that was just the backstage crew). Our thanks go out to our wonderful hardworking front of house staff, our dedicated backstage crew working overtime in 4 corners of the theatre space, our magnificent cast who acted professionally throughout and last but not least a big thankyou to you, our superb audience.

We will be back in a few weeks at Bridgnorth so watch out for further notices!


Life of Riley – Just a few weeks to go

The production is now rolling along towards its dress rehearsal, the play is looking and sounding great with some fantastic moments and performances. All we need now is a big audience to watch us in the intimate “in the round” atmosphere!

Wednesday April 8th to Saturday April 11th at Albrighton Primary School, £8 for adults and £7 for concessions. Tickets are going fast, we have VERY limited amounts of front row seats now for each night , there are only two rows of seats to ensure you can see the action from any seat in the house. So hurry hurry tickets are available from www.ticketsource.co.uk/albrightonplayers and also from our box office on 07434 830142.

Hope to see you there!Life of Riley_720

Life of Riley – Tickets going fast

Rehearsals are going swimmingly and the production is coming together really well! However tickets are going fast. As we are performing “in the round” there are two rows of seats on all 4 sides and the front row definitely gives the best view of the action.

We have already sold half of the front row for Thursday 9th April and Saturday 11th April night so get in quick and bag a good seat. Wednesday 8th April and Friday 10th April have more tickets available but that is likely to change soon!

This is an unusually early warning but we are aware that seating is limited so we want to keep you all updated.

Tickets are available from www.ticketsource.co.uk/albrightonplayers and also from our box office on 07434 830142.

Hope to see you there!

Life Of Riley – Tickets on Sale

Life of Riley_720

Albrighton Players are happy to announce that tickets are on sale for Life of Riley by Alan Ayckbourn. We are performing at Albrighton Primary School from Wednesday 8th April until Saturday 11th April 2015. Tickets are £8 for adults and £7 for concessions. However for the price conscious we have our “Opening Night Special” where all tickets are just £6!

As this play is in the round it is best to book early to bag yourself a good seat!

This is a superb play full of dark humour. With a few months of his life remaining, George Riley’s closest friends remember with love, nostalgia or occasional bursts of fury, how deeply he has affected all their past lives. George, though, is plotting one last final farewell which threatens to upset all their future lives. What exactly is the eccentric maverick Riley playing at?

This play is a huge challenge for us as we will presenting it “in the round” for only the second time in our history. Playing in the round puts you right in the middle of the action, especially important with plays such as this, which rely on subtle performances in an intimate environment.

You can buy tickets direct from ticketsource. If you prefer you can email us on our contact page, ring our ticketline on 07434830142 or go direct to Home Furnishings, The Old Ballroom, Station road, Albrighton and buy them there.

We look forward to seeing you in April!

Life of Riley by Alan Ayckbourn – In the Round!

After a roaring success with the frenetic farce, Cash on Delivery we continue our season with a more intimate introspective comedy, Life of Riley by Alan Ayckbourn. This is a fantastic play from one of our most prolific and successful playwrights. It is a comedy full of dark humour with a hint of slapstick and melancholy.

To make the prospect even more mouthwatering we are going to be doing this production “in the round”. For the uninitiated this means the stage and set are in the middle of the hall and the audience surround the production on all four sides. You will be inches from the actors and the action, feeling as if you are there with them through their trials and tribulations. This is the most intimate atmosphere for a production and one that suits this play down to the ground. For those of a nervous disposition have no fear there is no audience participation at all this is just a great way to make you feel the story envelop you.

Mark the dates in your diary for 8th to 11th April 2015.

More details to  follow but here is a taster for now…

Friends and family gather to remember the unseen and dying George Riley’s life. As they look back on lives lived or might have lived, George plots a final farewell which threatens to upset all their future lives.

More information soon!

Cash on Delivery – Another successful production put to bed!

Thanks to all the cast, crew, front of house and you the audience for making our last production a roaring success.

This was a fantastic play that had the audience in stitches every night. I have never heard quite so much laughter in all the right places from our audience. It really was heart warming to see community theatre receive such support. We always love doing farce and this one ranks right up there with the best.

Now onwards and upwards, trying to keep up this quality is no mean feat but we are upto the task. We have plans to go back in time to revive a style of theatre we last dallied with in 2003. The dates for your diary are Wednesday 8th to Saturday 11th April 2015. A little later than usual and smack bang in Easter holidays which might give some of you a hint as to what we can get upto when the school is closed for the holidays.

More news soon…


Cash On Delivery – the final push!

The stage is almost set ,as it enters it’s final polishing phase. The director and actors are also honing and refining the production to Albrighton’s usual high standard.

This is a classic farce full of fun and frolics; pace and panache. Tickets are still available at ticketsource.

Don’t forget the dates, 19th – 22nd November, prices are £6 for everyone on Wednesday and £8 for adults, £7 for concessions on Thursday to Saturday.