Acts of Jealousy – tickets on sale


We are back with a brand new play, or in this case three different short plays by three different playwrights. All are comedies but some are more thought provoking than others. All are wonderfully entertaining. Tickets are on sale now so ring the number or click our handy link here.

Figuring Things by Michael Fosbrook is a hilarious look at how an all consuming hobby can affect relationships. How many nights out with a statistician friend can be stomached by a wife before she catches him on the offside? This is funny, heartwarming and hilarious in equal parts.

Cruise Missile by Jean McConnell is a gentle comedy about two wanderers who meet by chance on a cruise ship. One is experienced and happy to show her new found friend the ropes. But should she be so quick to do so?

Between Mouthfuls by Alan Ayckbourn is a classic comedy short. Two couples are enjoying a night out in a restaurant although both are maybe not as happy as they might be. They have alot in common but only the waiter knows that , for now!

2 thoughts on “Acts of Jealousy – tickets on sale

  1. Hi
    I’ve booked you seats C6 and C7 for Saturday evening’s performance.

    The tickets will be at the ticket desk for you when you arrive on the night.

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